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Zeelenberg Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij is specialised in the total process that plan development encompasses. From designing concepts, architecture, undertaking feasibility studies, exploitation set-ups, marketing concepts, sales and consultancy to supervising the realisation of projects, including the associated financial responsibility. A reoccurring theme in the philosophy of our company is our both rational and emotional approach to projects. In all projects the experience of the future consumer is leading, supplemented by experience and professional knowledge. The passion for what we do is great within our company. The aim is always to make all our projects a success. Not only in the sense of exploitation, but also focusing on the joy it will bring to future consumers.

sustainable ambitions

integrated nature and leisure development

Over the past decade the connection with nature and landscape has been central in the development of new concepts and projects. Both the development of the existing nature as well as the development of new nature and the experience of future residents and visitors are important. Recent examples of this integral nature and leisure development are Hotel-Beach resort Punt West and Brouwerseiland. By developing and enhancing the natural, ecological and scenic value of the area, we offer a sustainable and innovative answer to the public demand for an economic boost that will develop the economy and at the same time helps to create a sustainable and viable future for the generations to come.

We are ambitious and we set the bar high. We aim at a new international standard for living and leisure that will do justice to its future consumers. A standard that is embedded in its natural environment and cooperates with it. A standard that looks forward to a genuinely sustainable future for its residents. However, a new step into the future always gives rise to questions. This has always been and will always be, but we handle these questions with care and we continue to do so. We look forward into a shared future with quality, innovation and love for our environment.

After 40 years of designing, developing and realising plans, Zeelenberg Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij can build on a wealth of experience. We watch social developments closely and strive to always continue developing and designing.

Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller’
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Richtje Zeelenberg

coast concept thinking beyond horizons

Within Zeelenberg Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij, Coast Concept is our concept division. It specialises in creating innovative concepts through words and images. Through Coast Concept we can inspire, challenge and advise companies, developers, entrepreneurs, institutions and governments to pull together and come to new, innovative ideas in many areas.
It’s an answer to the search for integral possibilities. We are involved in partnerships in different areas and break through boundaries. It’s a creative lab full of bubbling and boiling pans. With Coast Concept we continue from the place where over 40 years of designing and developing brought us, but at the same time we go back to our roots. We return to the source of everything we do: thinking beyond horizons.

our skills

residential housing development

human standard

Another specialisation is Residential housing development, especially designing sustainable village expansions that fit into the local atmosphere. Because the human scale is an important starting point in our office, these sensitive expansion projects are right up our street.
Responding to the current community, initial growth structures and landscape characteristics in combination with the existing environment, an expansion is designed that embodies a pleasant and flexible living environment for now and the future. Human experience and human scale are leading in this.

the next step in leisure

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