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coast concept: creating new horizons

Within Zeelenberg Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij, Coast Concept is our concept division. It specialises in creating innovative concepts through words and images. Through Coast Concept we can inspire, challenge and advise companies, developers, entrepreneurs, institutions and governments to pull together and come to new, innovative ideas in many areas.

Missie 20

a creative lab

It’s an answer to the search for integral possibilities. We are involved in partnerships in different areas and break through boundaries. It’s a creative lab full of bubbling and boiling pans. Coast Concept is a laboratory where people, travelling, creativity, social networks, entrepreneurship, technique, architecture, literature, art and knowledge come together. It is a concept division where space, culture, creativity, literature, art, architecture, nature, care, people, social developments and a broad interest are the ingredients.

a library of 40 years

categorizing ideas

Within Coast Concept we regard it as our responsibility to constantly fill all the drawers in this lab with new knowledge, experience, scents, colours, architecture, literature, images and people and continue to organize and categorize all of this in order to keep Coast Concept up-to-date and at optimal performance.

With Coast Concept we continue from the place where over 40 years of designing and developing brought us, but at the same time we go back to our roots. We return to the source of everything we do: thinking beyond horizons.

keep your eyes on the horizon and your nose to the wind

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