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building with nature

Diametrically opposite to what has been the norm up to now, using an existing plot to build on, our starting point here is to firstly create new nature with a comparable natural value as the surrounding environment to complement the existing nature. Parts of this new nature we will be used to build on and the remaining parts will be added nature. With Brouwerseiland the ratio will be as such that we will be creating about 50 ha of new nature out of water and nature islands. Concerning these nature islands, 20% will be built upon and 80% will remain nature. This set-up without artificial boundaries will ensure a continuous landscape in which flora and fauna can find their place.

An industrial harbour, with water poor in oxygen, will be transformed into an archipelago consisting of 13 islands with dunes, local plants and trees and a rich underwater world. Boskalis will take care of the construction of the islands, completely in line with the principles of Building with Nature. On the islands ecologically designed homes with sedum roofs will be placed in the landscape. Nature and architecture form an integral whole and will strengthen each other optimally. The beach houses are integrated in the landscape. Inside and outside, land and water flow into one another. The engagement of nature is all around. In this way a natural environment is created that morphologically fits with the adjacent existing nature reserve and its islands: the Grevelingen.

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natura 2000

The design and nature development in the project area creates a natural connection with the Natura 2000 area. The best part of this is that it will not only match with the existing nature in form, but that it will actually deliver ecological added value both under and above the water. This is of major importance, since we have to take great care of the delta. A balanced and careful policy for the development of this delta is paramount. This has to be worked towards in cooperation with the government and various interest groups.

When starting a new leisure project it has to fulfil the requirements of this time. And there are lots. It has to fit with the agreements made by the community on the area, which we want to work with. After the creation of the Delta works a policy about the Grevelingen was set out. In general it means that the total of the Grevelingen is declared a nature reserve of 14000 ha, with the exception of 2 dams on both

sides of the lake: the Grevelingendam and the Brouwersdam. Here recreational developments can be formed, limited to the areas that were selected later on by Natura 2000. After this Nature 2000 policy came to be, only two recreational developments could still be formed on the Brouwersdam.

Brouwerseiland is one of these developments. One has to handle this with extreme care and sustainability. It is a task that we take very seriously.
The plan knows a long history of development during which, in coordination with all involved parties, it has undergone an intensive design and development process for many years. Many alternatives have been worked out and researched in great detail. In response to the results of these analyses and investigations the plan has gained more and more improvements.

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people, planet & prosperity

By developing and enhancing the natural, ecological and scenic value of the Grevelingen, we offer a sustainable and innovative answer to the public demand for an economic boost that will develop the economy and at the same time helps to create a sustainable and viable future for the generations to come.

The concept of sustainability here calls for closer consideration. Broad sustainability is a concept in which ecological, economical and social interests come together in equal manner for both the current and the future generations. Such a sustainable development is often imagined in accordance with the 3 P’s. These 3 P’s symbolize People, Planet and Prosperity. The aim is to let the 3 P’s work together harmoniously and equally.

The 3 P’s are at the heart of the development of Brouwerseiland. During the whole process we constantly make sure we do these 3 aspects justice, each one valued equally. It is a concept in which carefully creating and taking care of nature and the experience that nature gives us are just as important as other aspects.

In addition to the aspect ‘planet’, there is the other sustainable aspect ‘prosperity’: prosperity for the region seriously taken into account in our designing task.
Brouwerseiland will strengthen the economy and vitality of the region in many ways:
• Employment. We are going to build Brouwerseiland with regional contractors. 800 builders from both islands will work on this project for 3 years. Furthermore, many hundreds of permanent jobs will be created after the realisation. Part of this will consist of jobs within the project, but a large part of it will be in the surrounding regions.
• The aim is to accommodate the people who will take these jobs in the surrounding villages, which will secure the vitality of these villages.
• The plan fits into the policy of various authorities, since it adds a new segment to the current tourist sector: not more of the same.
• This project will contribute tens of millions of euros to the economy of the region. (Source: rapport Impuls)

brouwerseiland en punt west

setting a new standard

Yes, we are ambitious and we set the bar high. We aim at a new international standard for living and leisure that will do justice to its future consumers. A standard that is embedded in its natural environment and cooperates with it. A standard that looks forward to a genuinely sustainable future for its residents.

However, a new step into the future always gives rise to questions. This has always been and will always be,

but we have handled these questions with great care and we will continue to do so. However, new developments should not be held back. To stand still is to fall behind. Holiday destinations in other countries have gone beyond the average level the Netherlands is offering now. We look forward into a shared future with quality, innovation and love for our environment. With Brouwerseiland, this is what we do.

Want to know more about Brouwerseiland? Visit the website! Click here

Punt West: sustainable eco-resort

A new Eco-Resort. Private, sustainable and exclusive, combined with the highest level of service: all of this in an amazing natural environment.
Located in the Zeeuwse Delta at the tip of the island Goeree Overflakkee. A location between land and water. Literally in the dunes between the Noordzee and the Grevelingenmeer. Directly on the sandy beaches of the beautiful 150 ha. Nature reserve “De Punt” at the head of the island Goeree Overflakkee. “Punt West Hotel and Beach resort” on the shore of a beautiful bay, with its pieds dans l’eau.

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a bay of eco-luxury

The resort consists of 72 very exclusive Hotel villas, all with a view over the water of the Grevelingen, situated around an idyllic bay. The beach villas are built according to a unique concept with many new usage possibilities. Built using sustainable methods with natural resources and sustainable energy and technical provisions. The entire resort will be managed by a Hotel resort organisation. On a beach island in the bay another 6 luxurious beach villas and the Beach club “Werelds aan het Strand”,

with among others a reception, bar lounge, restaurant and 20 luxurious hotel suites with direct access to the beach and the docks of the harbour. In the bay there will be several pavilions, accommodating a meditation space, meeting space and a honeymoon suite. The hotel island and the Beach club are particularly fit for a romantic stay and above the water of the Grevelingen at the end of the pier there is wedding pavilion. A sight to behold.

hotel 2.0

It is a sustainable project, and not only for its guests. With the Hotel-Beach Resort Punt West we take a big step towards a new hotel standard with an ecological set-up that is not only focused on beautiful weather. Also during the construction a sustainable approach is our general principle, so we gave chosen regional contractors to take on the project.

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together works better!

Furthermore, the energy and pleasure in our work this project has given us and the other involved companies has enabled us to take on a challenge such as the Hotel-beach resort Punt West and together exceed all of our expectations. Thus, we are very proud of the joint force of this island!

A development such as Hotel Resort Punt West does not happen all by itself. Together we have worked extremely hard to establish this. However, I feel blessed for the chance to create this dream with these people from all over the region and take the first step to lead Goeree Overflakkee to a sustainable future.

We see Sustainability as a broad concept. We genuinely believe in the sustainable and vital future for the inhabitants of this region. To counter the population shrinkage and foster growth we have to take action. If we want to offer the children of the region a future, we have to build up our future economy. The economy that we can offer on this island is the leisure economy. To this many other actors are connected. The baker who sells his bread, the electrician who installs and maintains technology, the gardener who grows new greenery and provides care for it in the future. The transport company who has employed chauffeurs and the butcher who can gain a bigger customer base and therefor a better and increasing variety of products. More employment attracts more inhabitants and enough inhabitants guarantee facilities, for example in the healthcare and educational sector. We want to collectively build up a region that is and will stay attractive for its visitors and will offer chances to young people.

Want to know more about Punt West? Visit the websites and check out oasisparcs.nl and werelds.nl

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